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Raw Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic
Raw Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic
Raw Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic

Product Description
Raw Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 8 oz, Organic

Made from delicious, raw Ecuadorian cacao beans, Sunfoods raw and organic cacao powder is prepared by cold-pressing cacao beans to yield a decadent, antioxidant-rich powder. Prepared below 120F and tested for accuracy, this low temperature process keeps vitamins, minerals and antioxidants intact, allowing you to experience luxurious taste with maximum digestion and absorption of nutrients. Cacao powder can be included in smoothies, desserts and chocolate candies to give you all of the healthy benefits of this powerful superfood.

8 oz. $12.95

Other Raw Cacao Powder Uses:

● Add cacao powder to all your favorite smoothies, teas, coffee mixes, protein drinks, desserts or anything else you can think of.

● Just one or two spoonfuls can transform any recipe into a healthy chocolate treat. It even goes great on top of fresh fruit!

● Add it to your favorite smoothies (one heaping tablespoon will do) and watch them instantly become Raw Chocolate masterpieces!

● Blend it with Virgin Coconut Oil and Agave nectar or sweetener--for instant Raw Chocolate Syrup! Use it on all your favorites.

● Blend it in a food processor with raw nut butters and agave nectar, for the most delicious desert you've ever had. (In fact, similar nut butters mixed with roasted cocoa powder are very expensive in health food stores.)

● You can make any cookie, brownie or pie INSTANTLY more chocolaty and delicious - just add a tablespoon or more to taste.

● Blend it with sweet almond milk, soy, rice or nut milk . This gives you a creamy dark chocolate milk that's LOADED with antioxidant power and tastes out of this world!

Raw cacao keeps well in cool, dry conditions.