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Righteously Raw Rose Bar 2.3 oz
Righteously Raw Rose Bar 2.3 oz
Righteously Raw Rose Bar 2.3 oz

Product Description
Righteously Raw Rose Bar 2.3 oz

Blended in this decadent truffle are sensational layering of tastes beginning with sumptuous dark raspberry and delicious sweet beet and ending on notes of rich chocolate and fragrant rose. Each consciously sourced ingredient works together to place your body in perfect harmony. Beginning with a base of antioxidant-rich cacao butter and red raspberry powder, and paired with blood-detoxifying beet crystals and highly digestible brown rice protein powder, the coating will have you ready for any strenuous activity. Inside, rich maqui powder contained in our luscious truffle will provide you with yet another boost of powerful antioxidants while the aromatically therapeutic effect of rose essence oils will transport you to a consciously relaxed state. Without a doubt, this is a bar that will center you and bring you a true sense of well-being.

Righteously Raw Rose Bar 2.3 oz $5.95